​Top 10 Best ​Microchip Cat Flaps In May 2021

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If you are looking for the best microchip cat flap on the market, you have found the right place.

We review all the latest and best cat flaps to give you peace of mind that you will be choosing the right product for your home.

Below we start with a table listing the best from top to bottom for people who want a quick answer as to which comes out on top. Followed by a more in-depth review of each microchip cat flap further down the page.

Overview Of The Best Microchip Cat Flaps

Details Review Of The Best Microchip Cat Flaps

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

The SureFlap Microchip cat flap is one of the best cat flaps from SureFlap. It is an excellent product that is suitable for homes with cats and small dogs. One thing that makes this cat flap different from others is that it is compatible with your pet’s existing microchip. That is not all. This microchip cat flap also works with an RFID collar tag, which is supplied with the package. As such, you don’t have to worry if your pet does not have an implanted microchip. It is also compatible with a wide range of microchips. Therefore, you will not have to go through the trouble of searching for a compatible chip.

You can use the timer to set time parameters for the SureFlap microchip to either lock or unlock. This is made possible by the unique Curfew Mode that helps you to program the door’s lock and unlock times. The SureFlap microchip cat flap runs on four C cell batteries that you can purchase separately since they do not come with the package. According to several SureFlap microchip cat flap reviews, these cells can last up to 12 months with normal use. This gated pet door comes in only one color variant which is white. 


  • It has the best timer that allows you to program the pet door’s locking and unlocking time
  • SureFlap is a reliable manufacturer of gated pet doors
  • It is compatible with a wide range of microchips
  • Comes with a SureFlap RFID collar tag


  • It is has a high price tag compared to other cat flaps on the market
Pet Mate Super Selective Cat Flap

The Cat Mate Elite Super Selective cat flap is an amazing pet door from Pet Mate. It includes two electronic ID discs although you can use it to control the entry and exit of up to 9 cats. This cat flap features an LCD display that shows four different locking mechanisms indicating the status of the flap. The different statuses include Unlocked, Out Only, Locked and In Only. You can tell the location of up to 3 selected cats since the last time the flap was used. This cat flap has a self-lining thickness of up to 50mm, which makes it ideal for single/double glazing and panels.

The design of this cat flap is super pet-friendly. For starters, the flap is transparent and it closes magnetically with the help of a sensor. Secondly, the flap is also draft proof, waterproof and not too noisy when opening and closing. Noisy flaps tend to scare off kittens or disturb the owner of the house. It measures 24.8cm by 26.5 cm. Another interesting feature of the Cat Mate flap is that is it brush sealed so is enabled for both window and wall installation on selected lines if you use the right adapter or wall liner. 


  • Its design features help to minimise energy loss from the house
  • It has a long warranty period of 3 years
  • Window and wall installation is simple if you have the appropriate adapter
  • Brush seal and magnetic closure ensures total waterproofing


  • The noise levels may scare off kittens, but this isn’t to often
Cat Mate Elite Microchip Cat Flap

This is the microchip version of the Pet Mate’s Cat Mate cat flap that comes in white. A microchip implanted in your cat operates this cat flap by controlling its locking and unlocking mechanism. This means that only a selected number of programmed cats will enter or leave the house. It has a capacity of up to 9 cats and you can program it using a 9-digit, 10-digit or 15-digit microchip. The flap’s timer is a great functionality that helps you manage your cats. This feature comes in quite handy especially if you are living in a neighborhood with lots of small stray animals.

It has a 4-way lock that helps you to control the access for all your pets. The LCD display shows the entry, exit and lock status of the flap. Also, it displays the time and location of your cat since the last time the flap was opened. However, this is only possible for up to three cats. Nevertheless, the flap’s brush seal and magnetized closure ensure that this equipment is draught and waterproof. The cat mate microchip cat flap runs on 4 AA batteries that can last for up to 12 months. Since the package does not include these batteries, you will have to purchase them separately. 


  • It is extremely easy to use and simple to program
  • It is made from super tough polymer
  • It is compatible with pre-implanted microchips as well as RFID collar tags
  • The transparent plastic flap is pet-friendly
  • The timer allows you to give your cat the exclusive access it needs while keeping stray animals at bay


  • Large cats can struggle to fit in this flap
  • The noise produced when locking can scare off kittens
SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap

The dual scan SureFlap Cat flap is an amazing pet door that comes with great features to give you total control over your cats. It is equipped with the Dual Scan Technology that allows you to customize exit permissions for individual cats. This means that you can use microchip numbers to allow some cats to leave while restricting others. It has the safety mode, which allows indoor-only cats that may escape using other exists to get back. There is a wide range of accessories that you can use to install this cat flap on a glass door. The fact that you can set entry and exit permissions for each individual cat means that intruder pets cannot gain access whatsoever.

It is also worth noting that this cat flap is compatible with a wide range of microchips. As if that is not enough, it supports up to 32 cats that you can program with a simple button press. Changing permissions is also just as simple as pressing a button. It uses 4 AA batteries that you have to purchase separately. These batteries can last up to 12 months of normal use.


  • This cat flap supports a large number of home cats
  • The dual scan technology allows you to program permissions for individual cats
  • It is easy to use and various accessories are available to allow for glass door installation
  • It is compatible with microchips from all over the world


  • It is quite expensive if you compare it with most cat flaps on the market
  • A couple of SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap reviews complain that it takes longer for the sensors to pick the cat’s microchip
PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap

The PetSafe Cat Flap is not very different from its SureFlap counterpart. However, its opening is relatively larger and can support a larger number of cats. This makes it suitable for catteries and households with several cats. The opening of this cat flap measures approximately 146mm by 135mm. Other than supporting a large number of cats, the PetSafe microchip cat flap also supports large cats with weights of up to 8kg. The manufacturer understands that heat loss through the hole in the door can be a great tradeoff when considering a cat flap. Therefore, they have included a draught excluder to minimize heat loss.

This microchip cat flap works with four AA batteries that can last for up to one year. However, depending on the number of cats you have in your household, the battery life could be shorter. The low battery indicator lets you know when to recharge or replace the current batteries in the cat flap. It is also quite easy to install. The whole process is done in three simple steps and can be done on glass windows and doors, PVC, and UPVC doors. However, the installation accessories are sold separately. This cat flap comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • This microchip cat flap supports a large number of cats
  • It has features that increase energy efficiency. These include the draught excluder and the magnetic closure
  • It is secure and durable given the strong plastic frame and the two latches and the four-way locking options
  • Has a long warranty


  • The only drawback of this cat flap is its high price tag
Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

This is the brown variant of the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap from Pet Mate. It possesses some of the best features you’d expect from a cat flap. These include a responsive sensor, the timer, and a brush sealed flap for enhanced efficiency. This cat flap is operated by the cat’s implanted microchip. I’m happy to inform you that you can program up to 30 cats with 9, 10 or 15 digit microchips. Also, the microchip sensor in this cat flap works with a wide range of microchips. You do not require advanced technical skills to set up this cat flap since everything will be set up with the push of a single button.

The Cat Mate cat flap has a rotary 4-way locking mechanism and magnetic closures for total waterproofing. It runs on four AA batteries that can last for up to one year with normal use.


  • The brown color can easily blend into most wood finishes
  • The sensor recognizes a wide range of microchips


  • It requires a separate installation adaptor in order to install on walls or glass panels
Sureflap LTD Microchip Cat Flap

With the problem of intruder wildlife becoming such a nuisance for most cat owners, the microchip cat flap is such a game-changing device. SureFlap is arguably the best manufacturer of microchip cat flaps as far as popular SureFlap microchip cat flap reviews are concerned. The company’s pet doors are fitted with the best specs that ensure your cats are safe and secured from intruder animals. It works with a variety microchips from all over the world. Also, you can program several chipped cats suing either 9, 10 or 15 digit codes to monitor their entry and exit.

Another exciting feature about this microchip cat flap is that you do not need to use a collar tag. Collar tags can get lost or snagged. Therefore, they are not as effective as microchips for managing the in and out movement of your cats. The 4-way manual lock for controlled entry and exist helps you to achieve the objective of keeping stray animals at bay. If you only have 0ne or two cats in your home, the four AA batteries should be enough to last you a whole year. 


  • It is produced by a reputable manufacturer
  • The 4-way lock mechanism is effective in restricting intruder pets
  • Works with multiple microchips


  • People with multiple cats would want to restrict some cats while allowing others to leave the house. This cat flap does not offer that functionality
Cat Mate Microchip White Cat Flap

Just like any other microchip cat flap from Pet Mate, the white Cat Mate microchip cat flap is an amazing pet door that comes with great features. It has a super-sensitive sensor that takes only a fraction of a minute to activate. Most of the people that have had the chance to use this particular cat flap have applauded its performance. Reviews suggest that the Cat Mate microchip cat flap is pet-friendly. The amount of noise produced when activated is not enough to scare off kittens.

This cat flap is fully brush sealed and it comes with magnetic closures. This means that you do not have to worry about insulation issues. It also has a 4-way lock mechanism and is powered by four AA batteries that can last up to a year. 


  • The streamlined design of this cat flap makes it easy to blend in with the rest of the surfaces
  • It is compatible with several microchips


  • The need for additional accessories and adaptors for installation can be expensive
PetSafe Deluxe Infra Red Cat Flap

This is one of the best selective entry cat flaps you can get from the market. It comes with a 4-way lock mechanism that helps to keep stray cats away from your home. This particular cat flap works with a special infra-red collar key that is placed on your cat. The cat flap opens only when this collar key is present. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and its opening can accommodate large cats of up to 7Kg.

The installation process involved is quite simple. All you have to do is take the measurements, cut using a cutting template, and fit the cat flap. By having the Deluxe Infra-red Cat Flap installed in your home, you will be freed from the stress of unwanted wildlife and stray cats. 


  • It is made from high-quality material
  • Saves you the trouble of constantly supervising your cat


  • It is only compatible with one collar key that is included in the package
Cat Mate Timer Control Cat Flap

This is one of the most affordable yet reliable cat flaps on the market. It comes with the usual features you’d expect from a cat flap except for the number of batteries. Unlike most of the cat flaps, this one is powered by two AA batteries that can last up to two years. This makes it a budget cat flap because it does not have very high power demands. It also comes with an LCD display and a 5-way lock mechanism to allow you total control of the cat’s movement in and out of the house. This cat flap is ideal for all doors, panels, and walls and it comes with a 50mm thick self-lining.


  • It is easy to program the Cat Mate cat flap because of the LCD display
  • This cat flap is easy to use
  • It is easy to install


  • Some of the users who used this cat flat complained that it is not very durable


In summation, a microchip cat flap is an invaluable home device that you cannot afford to lack especially if you are a cat owner. It gives your cats the freedom to move in and out of the house while at the same time giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that stray animals will not intrude into your house. Despite the several options available on the market, the one microchip cat flap that seems to stand out is the SureFlap Cat Flap. It comes in two variants of white and brown giving you the opportunity to choose the one that blends with your door. It also offers you the chance to use a specially designed collar tag in case your cat is not chipped.

Benefits of Having a Microchip Cat Flap

The problem of unwanted animals and stray pets entering people’s homes has been there for a long time. The invention of cat flaps were meant to help this problem. However, since the standard cat flaps could not completely solve this problem, the microchip cat flaps were invented. These cat flaps have great benefits for the owner of a cat. The obvious benefit is that you can restrict which pets can enter or leave your house. This is a great advantage because stray animals will no longer enter your house. Microchip cat flaps are great for giving your pets the freedom to enter and leave the house whenever they feel like. They also give you the peace of mind knowing that no unwanted small creatures can find their way into the house. If you get the best cat flap on the market, you will enjoy all these benefits.

Safety Precautions

The installation of a microchip cat flap is a relatively simple process that you can undertake with the use of a DIY kit. However, there are important safety precautions that you are supposed to take. These would help to protect you and your cat when the cat flap is in use. During the installation, make sure that you have safety equipment in place. These include gloves and eye protection tools etc.

If you are installing in a glass door or window, it is advisable for you to seek the services of a (specialist) glacier installer. This will help to prevent accidents and injuries that may result from broken glass. Also, do not forget that the safety of your cat is a primary concern. Therefore, the installation of a microchip cat flap should not compromise the safety of the cat. For instance, it should not be difficult for the cat to enter the house if it accidentally escapes through a different outlet other than the cat flap.

It is worth noting that microchip cat flaps are suitable for small and medium cats. Therefore, if you have large-sized cats in your house, you may want to consider their size. This is because it is not safe for a large cat to squeeze itself through the cat flap’s small opening. The other safety precaution is the location where you intend to install the cat flap. Usually, the manufacturer will indicate on the package the places that you can install the cat flap. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid any kind of malfunctions. For instance, often time, metal interferes with the signal of the microchip. Therefore, you are likely to notice some lapses in signal transmission if the cat flap is installed on a metal door. However, this is not always the case but it is a good safety precaution to do everything according to guidelines. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Microchip Cat Flap

There are important factors that you need to put into consideration for you to get a microchip cat flap that best suits your needs. Compatibility is the first consideration that you need to make. Ensure that the microchip cat flap you are buying is compatible with your cat’s microchip. If your cat is not chipped, then find out if the microchip cat flap comes with a collar tag or an equivalent key. Chipped cats have a code that is either 9, 10, or 15 digits. You should find out the kind of code the microchip cat flap supports. The worst thing is to buy a microchip cat flap only to find out that it does not support the code on your chipped cat.

The other important thing you need to consider is the size of the cat flap. Buying the wrong size is the last thing you want to do. Get the size that is going to accommodate your cat. Remember that most microchip cat flaps are approximately 25mm wide. This size is appropriate for a small to a medium-sized cat. On the same note, make sure you investigate the availability of a selective entry or selective exit features. These features would come in quite handy if you have kittens or a sick cat. Power is also a matter of consideration when selecting a microchip cat flap to buy. Most of them run on four AA batteries and depending on the number of cats in your house, it could last up to 12 months. There are other microchip cat flaps that come with a mains adapter. 

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