Top 10 Best Cider Brewing Kit In January 2021

Ranking 1
Gifts for Women - Cider Making Kit - Create Your own Apple Cider in 7 Days - 5-Litre Keg - Perfect Gift - by Brewbarrel/Braufässchen
  • CIDER MAKING KIT – APPLE: You can now create a delicious, refreshing and slightly sweet Cider at home.
  • ALL-IN-ONE : This kit contains all necessary equipment and ingredients. You only need some purified water.
  • PREPARATION IN 10 MINUTES: You simply need to combine the ingredients inside the keg, following the steps as described in the instructions.
  • READY IN 7 DAYS: After only one week, you can tap your home-brewed cider fresh from the 5-liter keg.
  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS: The brewing process was optimized so that any person can succeed in the brewing. Perfect gift for DIY fans.
Ranking 2
Youngs Brew Buddy Apple Cider Kit (Sparkling) - Makes 40 Pints! - Home Brew Kit
  • Makes 40 Pints
  • Brews In Just 21 Days
  • Youngs Apple Cider Kit
  • Easy to use and makes great tasting Cider
  • BrewBuddy
Ranking 3
Cider Making Kit Full Starter Homebrew Glass Demijohn Plus Mead & Ginger Beer
  • Traditional Cider Making Kit
  • 4.5L / 1 Gallon Glass Demijohn
  • Equipment and Yeast Included
  • Just Add Juice
  • 247HomeBrew Easy to Follow Instructions Included
Ranking 4
John Bull Traditional Country Apple Cider making kit.
  • 40 Pints / 23L / 5-7% ABV
  • Contains Quality European Apple Juice Concentrate & Yeast Pack
  • Just add Suger and Water
  • Weight - 1.75 kg
  • Equipment not included
Ranking 5
Home Brew Online Basic Beer Lager Cider Making Starter Kit Equipment Pack
  • All the basic equipment needed to get you started - Ingredients NOT included
  • A great basic starter kit of equipment for those of you that have your own bottles saved up and a great way to save on money is to collect your own beer bottles. Just about any bottle can be used as long as it can hold some pressure, like old beer or pop bottles.
  • Everything else you'll need (except ingredients which are available separately in our shop) is included in the equipment pack including a great cleaner / sanitiser to clean out your old bottles with, and all the fermenting and testing equipment you'll need.
  • Plus a little bottling device with sediment trap that makes transferring your beer into bottles a doddle, gone are the days of spilling half of your beer from a syphon tube.
  • All that's left to do is pick a beer or cider kit and start collecting your bottles to hold around 23 litres (this kit is also available in our shop with an option including bottles if preferred).
Ranking 6
On the Rocks Mixed Berry Cider Refill Home Brew Ingredient Kit
  • This unique cider kit enables you to produce great tasting mixed berry flavour cider at home, quickly and easily.
  • This refill ingredient requires sugar and water, and equipment to make (not included)
  • This On The Rocks kit contains 1.7kg of premium quality apple juice concentrate and a carefully developed fruit add back pack which contains real white grape juice concentrate and mixed berry flavourings to enhance the awesome flavours in every last drop.
  • Please Note that these On The Rocks Cider Kits do not contain any malt extract and so have no Wheat and Gluten.
  • Makes 40 pints of cider with a truly remarkable flavour of juicy ripe mixed berries in every sip. Naturally refreshing with a smooth character. Definitely summer time in a glass with an approximate ABV of 5.9 percent
Ranking 7
John Bull Country Apple Cider Home Brew Beer Kit - Makes 40 Pints!
  • Makes 40 Pints
  • Brews In Just 21 Days
  • John Bull Branded Apple Cider Kit
  • East to use and makes great tasting Cider
Ranking 8
Bulldog Brews Mixed Berries Premium Cider Kit
  • Premium Cider Kit
  • Makes 23L / 5 Gallons / 40 Pints 4.5% ABV
  • Everything you need is in the box - just add water.
  • Includes 3kgs of the finest Apple Juice concentrate & flavourings
  • Equipment not included.
Ranking 9
Raspberry & Mango Premium 3.5Kg Cider Kit Makes 40 Pints (23 Litres) Homebrew Home Brew
  • This Raspberry and Mango Cider is a refreshing and crisp medium sweet cider which is smooth on the palate. The fruity and jammy flavour of the raspberries is complimented deliciously by the sweet mango. This cider is a pale delicate pink colour and pours with a gentle fizz. It’s aroma has a fruity and fresh raspberry nose with gentle tropical mango undertones.
  • This kit contains 1 x 2.4Kg pack of pear juice concentrate, glucose syrup, raspberry juice concentrate and mango juice concentrate, 1 x 1Kg pack of dextrose monohydrate (brewing sugar), 1 x 15g sachet of dried cider yeast, yeast nutrient and sweetener, 1 x 25g pack of raspberry & mango flavouring and 1 x 150g pack of priming sugar
  • The kit is supplied with full instructions and makes 40 pints of delicious cider at approx. 4.8% ABV.
  • Our UK Warehouse offers same day despatch for all orders received by 2.30pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays) Orders received later in the day will be despatched if possible
Ranking 10
Young's 40 Pint John Bull Premium Country Cider Kit + 1kg Brewing Sugar
  • John Bull home brewing kit by Young's, to produce Premium Country Cider, with a 1kg pack of Young's Brewing & Winemaking Sugar.
  • Produces a full flavoured, sparkling, medium-dry, traditional country cider.
  • This kit is designed to produce 40 pints (23 litres) of Traditional Cider with an alcohol content of approximately 5% ABV, or 32 pints (18 litres) of Strong Cider with an alcohol content of approximately 7% ABV.
  • Just add the included 1kg sugar and water.
  • Please note: equipment is not included.

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