Common Faults In Fryers

Just like any other kitchen appliance, the deep fryer could get faulty resulting in you not getting the expected performance or none at all. Since these faults are inevitable, there is definitely a way to fix it, and if fixing doesn't work, then you’ll have to replace the entire fryer, you can find our review on all the latest fryers here This article is a compilation of the common faults that deep fryers have as well as possible fixes that you can apply to get them back to a functioning status. Here are the common faults:

  • Fryer not heating
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty heating element

Fryer Not Heating

This is the most common fault in an electric deep fryer, and a number of issues cause it. This fault is an indication that the heating element or any of the other related components are broken. You need to check the back of the fryer for the reset button to find out whether it has been tripped. The problem of the fryer, not heating could also be caused by the fact that it is overheated.

Therefore, you need to establish whether this is the case before deciding to check the reset button at the back of the unit. If you find out that the reset button has been popped over, then this is some good news because it means that the cause of your deep fryer, not heating is not a big deal. It means that the unit was not heating simply because the reset button has been tripped.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat in a deep fryer is responsible for detecting and controlling temperature changes. When the thermostat is broken, this could result in the fryer not heating at all. Fixing this fault requires that you replace the thermostat. However, you should know that this is not a guaranteed fix and that it only works if the problem is actually with the thermostat. Removing the thermostat is as simple as unscrewing it from its position and detaching it from the wires that link it to the main unit. Use a replacement thermostat obtained from a DIY store to fix the problem and try to set it up back on again.

Faulty Heating Element

Problems with the heating element are more common with dual basket deep fryers than other types of fryers. Most of the people using double-bowl fryer will admit that they may have encountered this problem during their first or second use. Several things can cause this problem, but the most common one is power. Wrong input power ratings can cause the heating element to fail especially if the power is above the fryer’s rating. It is also possible for high input voltage to blow up the fuse in the heating element thus causing it to stop functioning properly. If the heating element is faulty, the only way to fix it is by replacing it with a brand new one. The procedure is simple as it only involves locating the heating element in the fryer, detaching it from the wires connecting it to the main unit and pulling it out.

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