How to Install a Rotary Washing Line

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Drying clothes outside is cost-free and effective because they dry faster using direct energy from the sun. And unlike with dryer machines, electricity energy is required. All you have to do is get the right washing line for the garden to help in fast drying of the clothes. For this reason, a rotary washing line is the best and simple way of drying clothes to use. Aside from being a great space-saver, it can fit more clothes than regular clothes lines. Below are the steps to correctly install a rotary washing line for use at home.

What you will need:

  • ​A spade
  • ​Crowbar
  • ​Post mix concrete
  • ​Spirit level
  • ​Water in a watering can
  • ​Rotary clothesline

​Step 1

First, identify the place on the garden that is favorable to fit the rotary line. Make sure that the place is safe and not where children play or where most outdoor activities take place.

Then, secure the ground identified by removing the sod. Using a spade, cut through the sod and place it away, for you will need it later.

The soil underneath is hard and needs to be loosened for the operation to be fast and easy. Therefore, use the crowbar to loosen the earth underneath.

place garden favorable rotary line

​Step 2

Dig a hole rotary line

Dig a hole for the rotary washing line. The post mix to use comes with a set of instructions to enable you to know how deep the hole should be.

While digging, try not to dig on the sides of the hole since they can get loose and unstable. Dig to the required depth then add the post mix dry compound.

The amount to fill is determined by the instructions on the post mix bag.

​Step 3

​Insert the ground spike or the receiver tube vertically into the hole. Make sure the tube is pointed downwards. Then after, add water using the watering can to the dry compound. Add the water according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the post mix bag. Mix the water with the post mix using a stick or your hands when you have gloves on.

​Step 4

Check whether the receiver tube is level. This is done by the spirit level to ensure the tube is placed uniformly on the ground. Why is it necessary?

Leveling the ground spike ensures the clothesline is standing perfectly upright and vertical. Then allow the mixture to set and dry.

In this case, using a post mix compound will take a shorter time to dry up. Normally it takes about 5 to 10 minutes unlike concrete that takes days to dry up.

receiver tube rotary line

​Step 5

​Remember the turf sod you had put away for later usage? Take it now and replace it to hide the solidified mixture that may have spilt on the ground below and press the sod into place.

​Step 6

​Check when the post mix is completely and the ground spike is level with no raised edges. If everything is up to par, install the rotary washing line.


​The steps above when followed correctly will enable you to fit the rotary line yourself. In fact, the steps discussed are the simplest way to erecting a rotary washing line to comfortably use in the garden. Drying clothes on a rotary clothesline brings about fresh smelling clothes than when using the tumble dryer. This is because they are exposed to sunlight and the sun being a natural sanitizing agent, germs and bacteria are removed. And as mentioned earlier, you will save a lot on utility bills because drying of the clothes is done with the natural source of heat. Also, the clothes dried outside don’t shrink much and ironing them becomes an easy task.

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