How To Use A Fryer?

Deep-fried meals always taste good, and that is undisputed in any given argument. It takes a great deal of preparation and care to bring meals to this state. Knowing how to use the deep fryer can be a great way to start preparing sumptuous deep-fried meals from the comfort of your home. One needs to be aware of the risks involved in the process of using a deep fryer. This is because the process involves extremely high temperatures that, if not handled carefully can cause serious damage to the user. This article covers the necessary steps that one needs to follow to achieve the best results when using a deep fat fryer. But first you need to buy one, check out our guide here.

Now, onto the cooking!

What you need?

  • Cooking oil
  • The food to be deep-fried
  • Paper towels

Ensuring Correct Setup

The use of an electric deep fat fryer cannot be described as correct if the setup is not done correctly. First and foremost, position the fryer away from a water source. This means that you cannot position it close to the kitchen sink even if this is the only place that you deem fit for placing the fryer. Secondly, it is a good practice to put in the oil before turning on the fryer. Normally, the fryer is calibrated on the side to indicate the fill line. Filling oil above the indicated fill line can result in an overflow when adding food and this could be dangerous.

Once you have poured in the oil, the next thing to do is to adjust the temperature in accordance with the food that you intend to deep fry. Correctly setting up the temperature is important because this way, your food will not be overcooked. It is also a great way to ensure that you obtain the desired crispiness on your deep-fried meals. This is because different foods have different textures which means that there are those which are more delicate than others.

Preparing the Food

When preparing food to be deep-fried, remember that water and oil cannot mix. Use this principle to prepare the eats, and you will have avoided the possibility of injuries as a result of oil splatter. If you plan on deep frying vegetables, for example, your preparation includes washing, cutting and removing excess moisture by patting them dry. If, on the other hand, the food is frozen, be sure to remove all the ice and allow it to thaw before placing it in the oil. You should also avoid putting a lot of food in the oil as this will interfere with even cooking. Always fry small batches to maintain the temperature of the oil throughout the frying process.

Serving the Eats

Once the food is ready, lift and hold the basket above the grease allowing excess oil to drip back into the fryer. After a substantial amount of oil has dropped from the basket, drain the food on a plate that is lined with paper towels. The paper towels are supposed to absorb the oil residue from the fries.

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