Maintaining Your Deep Fat Fryer

Deep fat fryers are great kitchen appliances to help you with your frying task, if you haven't got one yet, you can find the best deep fat fryer here. Just like any other piece of equipment, deep fryers perform better for long if they are well taken care of. Now, whether you deep fry frequently or occasionally, the maintenance of the deep fryer is mandatory if you want to get the best performance out of it for a long time. You can ensure your fryer is in tiptop condition by making sure you clean it properly after every use or on an occasional basis. Here’s what you will need to clean your deep fat fryer:

  • Water
  • Oil container
  • Anti-grease Dish washing detergent
  • Steel wool pads/plastic scrubber
  • Baking soda
  • Towels/soft cloths

Cleaning Your Deep Fat Fryer

The first thing to do once you have gathered all the above requirements is empty the oil from the fryer to a container and either store or dispose of depending on how clean it is. You will then fill the fryer bowl with a detergent/water mixture amounting to its oil capacity. Turn on the fryer for the water to boil. This helps to get rid of the build-up of scum on the sides of the bowl. Once the water is boiled, turn off the fryer and allow it to cool after which you will dispose of the soapy water. Wipe the interior of the bowl with a towel and clothe to remove as much oil from the sides as possible.

The next thing to do after wiping the interior of the bowl is to scrub it with either a plastic scrubber or a steel wool pad. If the bowl has a Teflon finish, use the plastic scrubber, but if it is made of metal, you should use the steel wool pad to scrub. What you need to do is dampen the scrubbing pad with a detergent/water mixture and gently scrub the interior of the bowl in an effort to get rid of any residual oil.

Finally, thoroughly rinse off the soap with clean water. This process should be able to remove a substantial amount of the oil residue if not all of it.

Make a paste using baking soda to scrub off any leftover oil residue both in the interior of the bowl and outside where it may have spilled over. Ensure that the fryer is thoroughly rinsed with clean water after scrubbing with the baking soda paste. Inspect the entire unit for wet areas that may have gotten in contact with the water and dry them up with the towel or piece of cloth.

Other Maintenance Tips

You can use oven cleaners for deep fryers that are too dirty to be cleaned using the above method. However, extra care should be taken to ensure that the cleaning chemicals do not find their way into the cooking oil. WD-40 has been found to be effective in getting rid of stubborn oil stains. You can carefully spray it on the surface where the stain is located and then wipe it off. Sticky scum can be gotten rid of by scrubbing with a mixture of vinegar and hot water.

Since electrical components aren’t supposed to be wet, ensure that your deep fryer is completely dried before resuming usage.

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