How to Set Up a Rotary Clothesline?

Set Up a Rotary Clothesline

Using a rotary clothesline for outdoor laundry comes with a great deal of benefits. Apart from saving you the electricity bills associated with using a drying machine, you also get to benefit from the sanitizing and bleaching effect of the sun on your fabrics. You need to know how to set up a rotary clothesline for you to obtain all these benefits. Otherwise, you will find a reasonable excuse to stick to using a drying machine thereby missing out on lots of benefits. Once the equipment is set up in the right way according to the manufacturer’s instruction, using it is quite easy. The following are the steps to follow when setting up a rotary clothesline, however if you are still yet to buy one, check out our guide here

What You Will Need?

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Rotary Clothesline

Step 1: Installing the Rotary Clothesline

This equipment is designed in such a manner that it is extremely easy to install. First, you need to identify a suitable location where the dryer will be able to rotate freely without bumping into obstacles. Once you have located the suitable place, the next thing is to dig a hole. The width and depth of the hole will be stated in the packaging although most rotary clothesline installations use a 50cm deep hole. Now mix concrete in the ratio of 3:2:1 for gravel, sand, and cement respectively. Pre-fill the hole with 15cm gravel and then insert the socket into the hole followed by the concrete.

Ensure that you have the plastic sleeve in place when filling the hole with concrete to protect the top socket. Replace the drier in the socket by holding both in a vertical position while filling the rest of the hole with concrete. Now remove the socket gently ensuring it is level then finish with fine cement. You need to give the concrete a few days to dry before proceeding with the rest of the setup.

Step 2: Assembling the Equipment

The first thing you need to do is to assemble the rotary clothesline, assuming that you have followed all the installation procedures of preparing a concrete base. This involves engaging the head assembly and the main standard. To place the head assembly into the main standard, raise it 10cm up and then push it down until it locks in position. You will hear a click sound to indicate that the two are locked together.

Step 3: Opening the Rotary Clothesline

Once you are done with the assembly bit, you can now open the clothesline by releasing the arms from the bracket. This should be done carefully to avoid damaging the joints. Now give the bottom cross an upward push until the lock engages. You will hear a click indicating that the lock is engaged.

Step 4: Closing the Rotary Clothesline

Once you are done using the clothesline, it is paramount for you to store it in a closed position. Not only does it save on space but also helps with the general maintenance of the rotary clothesline.

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